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Welcome to the WayForward Technologies Wiki

WayForward Technologies is a Californian video games company which has produced such titles as the Shantae series or the Mighty! series, as well as other famous third-party games, like A Boy and His Blob, Contra 4 or DuckTales: Remastered. This Wiki is dedicated to this company.

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Important announcement

First of all, hello to everyone here. I have to inform everyone that because of extended inactivity, the former admin Selachimorpha has been replaced. It is regrettable, as his contributions to the Shantae Wiki are huge, having basically built it himself over the course of several years, and we hope that he will consider coming back.

In the meantime, the newly appointed admins are PL78 and veteran Wikia user Psychobilly2422. We will try to build a community here on this Wiki, and we encourage anyone to contribute.

I, PL78, as announced earlier in a blog post, have plans for this place; basically, I want to use it as a base to build an all-encompassing WayForward Technologies Wiki. It was already evolving in this direction, with pages for the Mighty! series which were of no relevance to the Shantae series, so I believe this can be a logical step forward. In the meantime, the Wiki will be in works, so I'm sorry for the potential inconveniences. For first, I want to lighten a bit the home page, and I have deleted the polls for the time being - I want to reintroduce them later on. I'm also revamping the news thread, as the blog posts were parasited with personal blogs that are legitimate but of no relevance to WayForward-related news. Fanarts of the day take the shaft, as I don't think they are really useful; access to the Fandom portal is still possible through the main page.

Please let the admins know if you have any suggestion, request, and so on. This Wiki is your Wiki first and foremost.

Thank you for reading.

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Shantae is a platform video game developed by WayForward Technologies and published by Capcom for the Game Boy Color on June 2, 2002. It was designed by Matt Bozon and is the first game in the Shantae series.

The game became an obscure gem due to its release coming a year after that of the Game Boy Advance, however it did show support as playing the game with a GBA adds "enhancements" to the game. Read full article »

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16 June 2016
Shantae is announced as a playable character in 13AM Games' Runbow.[1] Also, a new trailer for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is released.[2]
4 June 2016
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero's official release date is set on 27 September 2016.[3]
2 June 2016
WayForward Technologies announce physical releases for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U. [4]

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